2021 Farm Endeavors

Welcome to my first blog post! 

 Over the past few years my hobby at the farm has been lavender. I started back in 2015 with around 450 lavender plants. Each year has been a struggle, as lavender is super finicky and prefers drier soil. Well, with all the summer rain and numerous times of "moving" the field to find the right area and replenishing my losses every summer,  in 2020 I decided to throw in the towel..  No hard feelings, I still love lavender and all that I have accomplished with it has been pretty awesome. About 50 plants still remain and I use those to dry lavender buds for my soap! The remains that I don't use, we host a "pick-your-own" weekend and our customer's seem to really enjoy it. 

 This year, I have decided to join my brother's in the hobby of apiary. Thats right! Honey Bees! We do so well selling the honey in our area and I even use it in some of my soaps so I figured why not add to the quanitity and join the save the bees movement! This picture is our newest hives (mine to the right.) Of course I had to make the area look cute and give it some decor. (;  I am looking forward to learning more about bee keeping and all it has to offer! Keep a look out on my social media for more updates!